BRETALG invites its clients to Roscoff

Road map #2

From harvest to plate, a short and virtuous circuit

We received them in our beautiful Breton country

First, we set off to explore the foreshore. We explained to them the marine environment, the species of algae and all the specifics of our land. Then we went to production for the packaging of our fresh seaweed tartare that had just been cooked. Indeed, our seaweed is harvested from the Breton foreshore at low tide, when the sea recedes.

We currently harvest five wild species of Breton seaweed: Sea Lettuce, Dillisk, Nori, Sea Spaghetti and Sweet Kelp. Seaweed is a marine plant that has a very high concentration of minerals but in order not to lose any of its virtues, it deserves to be taken care of. This is why we have complete control over the product, from harvest to processing. The algae are treated immediately after harvest: washed with sea water, then salted, they thus retain all their organoleptic qualities.

For the whole BRETALG team, it was a lovely time spent with Aurélie and Eric: authenticity, good food and obvious passion for our professions on the program!