BRETALG new website


Road map #5

The digital adventure of a Small Enterprise

Digitizing a small enterprise is, sure enough, an adventure! Here we will tell you everything about how we imagined our website and how we made our choices.

From the beginning…

When BRETALG was took over by Alexandre and Elsa in 2015, there was zero communication, hardly a logo ! We dedicated the first years to modernizing the production tools and implementing new hygiene protocols, to reinforcing the team and to commercial development. In the same time, we decided to work on redesigning our communication tools.

Our logotype

First, there was our new logo. BRETALG logo was created to be recognizable straight away : visually impacting like navigation flags, modern to emphasize our new entrepreneurial spirit, “stamped” for a simplified usage, an blue – the symbolic color of Brittany territory. This logotype, with its unambiguous design, establishes our visual signature : strong, committed and authentic. This first step was the beginning of a new area, with the revamp of all our labels and packaging.

Then, we decided to create a first photographic background, to implement several printed visuals first. We entrusted the super talented photographer Chloé Lapeyssonnie for this mission, and she successfully shined light on the men and women of BRETALG and our unique maritime territory. Later on, she was joined by Yves Quéré, who is also a photographer – and from Roscoff.

…To digital world

Finally, we recently decided to take the leap and created our instagram profile @bretalg_officiel. And here starts the digital adventure… for real ! We decided to surround ourselves with external skills (thank you Studio Quotidien!) and to also promote our internal existing skills. We bet on a zero-complex approach, meaning that we move step-by-step, and we keep it simple (but not ordinary… well at least we try!). Although it takes longer, it allows us to keep costs under control and to take our time. Creating a first website only in 2021 may seem paradoxical under the current digital area… and it’s a very “late-boomer” approach, but we take responsibility for it ! So, since we were already “late” anyway, we preferred to get familiar with each tool step by step, to give it some thoughts to understand what was most relevant, and then to go for it !

The choice of simplicity

For this first version of our website, we wanted a simple and clean structure to emphasize the substance and the meaning of things: BRETALG is an artisanal small business who, by essence, masters an ancestral and unique knowledge, inherited from an oral Brittany tradition: the harvest of shore seaweeds. Our technique of stabilizing shore seaweeds with salt is made possible thanks to small-scaled, tailor-made mechanical tools. This allows us to offer food products at a larger scale, when initially those products were only used in Brittany’s grandmothers’ recipes! With this being said, we’ve said it all! Afterwards, the arborescence of the website came naturally.

In addition, we really wanted to put our day-to-day life at BRETALG into words with the section “Live Together”. We are a united, inter-generational team ; which we consider to be an advantage, a strength and an opportunity. We also think that, within our means, we need to try and open the company towards different outside experiences. We regularly work with Les Genêts d’Or, and we also had various and full-of-dialogues opportunities, such as welcoming a contemporary artist who’s researching on seaweeds, or supply seaweeds for a famous cosmetic brand… We are taking a diversified approach, but a common thread is driving our choices and our journey: the continuously renewed willingness to give a meaning to our profession, and to promote as much as possible this amazing marine resource.

Lastly, the section “Roadmap” – which is the one we are using now to share this story. It’s a space, open to the world, where each of you is welcome to write comments – we look forward to reading them. We thought this would be the best idea to share direct, qualitative news about the seaweed world, to keep you informed about our news and projects… and a good way to animate our small enterprise internally: what to say? How to say it? Everyone came together to share ideas !

And now?

Here we are, we hope you enjoy our website, that it makes you want try and taste, or eat, seaweeds, to come visit our beautiful country, and why not to work together !