BRETALG’s anniversary: A thirty years’ story


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BRETALG : A thirty years' story

Since the company was founded in 1991  history of our team has been continuing. At this time our company was the one among all to believe in the culinary potential of seaweed.

Our know-how about fresh seaweed

For 30 years, we have been harvesting and processing some varieties of macroalgae. Born wild they are hand harvested on the foreshore near Roscoff on our Breton coasts. Very rich in nutrients and trace elements they are real food bombs! At BRETALG, we deeply want to keep the Breton ancestral know-how of the handed and on-foot harvesting of seaweed. How is it possible ? Due to our harvesters who are all employees of our company and due to the formers ones who keep bringging to the youngest the knowledge they acquired over their long years of experience. Want to know more about our commitments? Then rush to our main website, we’re waiting for you!


A duo for everyday life and work

Since Elsa and Alexandre took over the company 6 years ago, they are charting their path and are gradually getting this sector moving! For over a decade these two Bretons are still together in life and at work. And they are keen to make as many people as possible discover edible algae. Are you keen to know them better? Then watch this little video about their beginnings in 2015!


A team committed to tradition and well in its time

Jean-Michel, Therese, Joan, Anthony, Helene, Iris… A united team in which we love above all our generational diversity. We have the incredible opportunity to live a daily work life where each one is in the right place. Of course, the job is often tough as we need to get up early, to go by any weather to the foreshore for harvesting and on weekends very often . But we do understand that we live and work in a outstanding scenery, keep in touch with the sea, our friends and our family… This is why we are grateful for all this!

Seaweed, the essential food!

We firmly  believe that seaweed will be the number one food of tomorrow. And tomorrow for us it is already today! Therefore why eating seaweed?

Five reasons :

1. They are highly nutritious and very highly full of trace elements.

2. Eating algae means favouring a more vegetal and therefore more respectful of the environment way as algae do not require extra inputs to grow (e.g. energy, fertilizer, equipment) and in addition they produce oxygen when growing. They really are an alternative to animal proteins.

3. It means supporting us as well as this French and Breton sustainable sector that brings work to a fair number of people of the place !

4. In France, our algae are subject to very strict controls. Our algae are GMO-free, ionization-free, and nanoparticles-free. They are a genuine raw product.

5. They are easy to cook and delicious as well! Their salinity is delicate and according to varieties they have unique and amazing flavors.

Our online sales site is now open for French people

Above all our eshop aims to offer for our french clients our products though direct sale without any intermediary and therefore with more attractive prices because making accessible for everyone a product to be discovered means to sold it at the just price.
For UE or Extra UE people we hope give you a chance to buy our products, we just need a little more time to manage shipping process and payement.

We give you a kiss ❤️