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We are a company who is very attached to tradition and proud of its time

BRETALG is mainly positioned in two segments. Since a always and mainly, we harvest food algae and work with it in a traditional manner and market through a network of manufacturers, wholesalers, restaurateurs, fish mongers and through a network of retailers for individuals.

Our expertise allows us to also offer a quality service in the seaweed sourcing field around the globe and develop cooked products for a tailor-made offer.


Bretalg - Savoir-Faire - Producteurs algues alimentaires - Roscoff - Bretagne - Alimentation vivante

What makes us different?

Our integrated and intergenerational team benefits from a unique know-how when it comes to selecting each seaweed and its place of harvest.

Harvested by hand, our seaweed is the result of an ancestral heritage and we are devoted to protecting it and pass it on.

Bretalg - Producteurs algues alimentaires - Roscoff

Our ambition for the coming years :

In order to support its growth, BRETALG has set up an R&D center to cultivate macroalgae, through the creation of a unique production site which offers a sustainable response to economic and environmental requirements.

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Our range of cooked products offers fresh unpasteurized tartare, churned seaweed butter and a full range of sea spices not to mention a tailor-made service to create high-quality cooked dishes such as our Fuji Organic Salad with Sea Spaghetti for professionals and consumers.