Live together


We stick to our commitments with our customers, our team and all our stakeholders, but also tocontinue our commitment with ecology and food: this is the cement of our "living together", an essential prerequisite for economic success.

Our human commitment

Since 2015, seven new comers with a permanent contracts have been rounded off and we continue to improve working conditions at BRETALG: safety, hygiene and well-being at work. BRETALG is a family-sized SME and we all instill a positive dynamic on a daily basis which is conducive to work and most of all to the personal development of each of our employees.

We try to promote hiring through permanent contracts, favor talents internally, but also promote diversity through the partnership which is established with the "Genêts d'Or" of the region, an integration association for people with disabilities and dependent people.

The complementarity of the of employees and the experience sharing is a strength for inspiration, forging social ties and building a company that means something to everyone and where everyone finds their groove. Our elders teach the younger ones through their knowledge which has been acquired over many years of harvesting. Due to this intergenerational transmission, we are able to bring to life an entire tradition on the forefront, which has put down roots in our territory and our history. This intangible heritage is the foundation of our activity and a source of great pride.

Bretalg - Producteurs algues alimentaires - Roscoff - Entreprise bretonne - Vivre ensemble


We are benefactor members of the National Society for the Heritage of Lighthouses and Beacons to promote the territory and maritime heritage.

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