Our sea vegetables: super foods for a cuisine

which is rich in flavor and filled with nutrients!

Bretalg - Producteurs algues alimentaires - Roscoff - Bretagne

Our varieties of edible seaweed

The algae is harvested by hand on the Breton foreshore in seawater with the expertise of our harvesting team. We carry out water analyzes of our harvest areas and our algae is based on strict bacteriological and heavy metal criteria. We offer five varieties of wild edible seaweeds, only Wakame is cultivated in Brittany.


The satisfaction of our customers is essential. This is why we are committed every day to giving the best of ourselves to guarantee you a safe supply and irreproachable traceability. Our range of fresh salted and wild seaweed has been Organic Farming since 2016. We are continuing our efforts in this direction in order to offer you new certifications in the medium term, proof of our environmental and social responsibility.




Bretalg - Producteurs algues alimentaires - Roscoff

Fresh seaweeds: the key to a living, which is gluten-free, naturally vegan and raw diet

We offer five main varieties of organic and wild algae, all harvested by hand in Brittany. Wakame is a cultivated seaweed which comes from the Breton culture and is also organic. Our sea vegetables are available in several packaging.


Bretalg - Producteurs algues alimentaires - Roscoff - Bretagne

Dried seaweeds

The algae are dried at low temperature at less than 40°C in order to retain all their nutritional qualities and flavors. All dried sea vegetables are of "raw quality" and suitable for raw food (but also for all gourmets and gluttons!). These condiments highlight your dishes, to be used as spices!


Bretalg - Producteurs algues alimentaires - Roscoff - Bretagne

Cooked sea vegetables: an authentic range which is ready to be tasted

We have designed this range specifically for professionals with suitable packaging to simplify the marketing of cooked seaweed products. These sea vegetables can also be gourmets!


A tailor-made offer


Bretalg - Producteurs algues alimentaires - Roscoff - Bretagne

Beyond our "catalog" offer, we are able to support you in coming up with tailor-made recipes and targeted sourcing of quality food algae: an idea? A specific request? Our "one-to-one" approach offers all the flexibility, to turn your needs into a reality!