Rosko Sushi: our new brand for maki and sushi made in Brittany!


Road map #9

Roscoff and the "Pays Leonard" at sushi time!

We dreamed about it… And we did it! The whole BRETALG team challenged themselves to open very soon a Click & Collect corner to taste maki, sushi and Japanese-inspired dishes! Here is the story of this crazy bet.

Unequal territories

For urban dwellers and people who have had access to this type of cooking for a very long time, it seems a bit crazy, but it must be said that services and culinary offer are not equal according to territories… For us people of Roscoff, it was necessary to go to Brest to get good makis. Meaning that planning a sushi party at 07. 00 pm would not be possible because driving to Brest is a 1h30 return journey…

At the beginning is the Nori’s sheet

We harvest seaweed, but also act as wholesaler and we source for our customers the most beautiful qualities of seaweed throughout the world especially the leaf of Nori the world production of which comes almost exclusively from China. Indeed in France and Europe we are unable to produce such volumes and in addition we are fond of for Japanese cooking, we  like to undertake and have ability to work A LOT.  Let us point that setting up a new business is a big challenge from all points of view!

Our Click & Collect sale for individuals

Hence we are proud to offer our Japanese-inspired makis, sushi and dishes made with love in our workshop in Roscoff!  We do not compromise on the quality of raw materials.As we go along and if you follow us in this adventure we hope to offer you  gourmet and seasonal variations including fish and Breton shells.

A funny mascot

For this new stage our new logo is adorned with a corsair seagull that we named after Gwenn. She is our new super mascot. We hope you will like her as much as we do! We wanted an amusing and funny communication to renew usual standards.

Finally we are super excited and so eager to make you taste our makis and sushi with a 100% local manufacture. But above all to offer a nice alternative for dinners and lunches with friends, family and at work!