The sea is our future

Road map #1

Algae to feed the planet

Watch the video to find out more about the start of Elsa and Alexandre's adventure!

BRETALG is the pioneering food algae company in Brittany.

Our company has existed since 1991. In 2015, our co-managers Elsa Pointud and Alexandre Coleno started their entrepreneurial adventure by buying the company. Both Bretons and Roscovites, they decided to embark on this innovative sector which is a source of food algae. Invited in 2016 by “La Mer notre Avenir” during a round table organized in particular by Ouest France on the occasion of the release of the issue “Algae to feed the planet”, Elsa and Alexandre recount the start of their adventure.

To find out more watch the video!

Indeed, the future lies at the bottom of the oceans, because macroalgae are a resource of great nutritional wealth and rich in trace elements and proteins. They grow quickly while capturing CO2. Thus, traditionally very consumed in Asia, algae deserve to be better known in our latitudes. Paradoxically little consumed here, France has more than 3,800 km of coastline, including 1,200 km in Brittany alone. Our seaweed deposit is the richest in Europe and France the second largest producer of seaweed in Europe.

So what do you expect to eat seaweed? This is why our company BRETALG is committed to making known, working and marketing these sea vegetables. To conclude, edible seaweed is undoubtedly the food of tomorrow but already that of today. hui, then to your kitchens!